Created December 19, 1994, formerly part of Keta-Ho Diocese. Square Kilometers: 7,470 (2,885 Square Miles). Total population: 785,000. Catholics: 120,271 (15.3%) as at 2006. Bishop: Most Rev. Gabriel Edoe Kumordji. the newly appointed Bishop to the Diocese of Keta-Akatsi. Formerly Bishop of Donkokrom Apostolic Vicariate. Born March 24th, 1956 at Accra. Ordained Bishop April 17 2010. Most Rev. Emmanuel Kofi Fianu. was the Apostolic Administrator until the appointment of Bishop Kumordji as the Substantive Bishop pending his enthronement. Bishop Fianu was born on the 14th of  June, 1957 at Tegbi. Ordained 14th July, 1985. Consecrated and enthroned Bishop of Ho Diocese on the 3rd of October, 2015 and appointed Apostolic Administrator to Keta-Akatsi Diocese on the 7th of April 2016. 

Most Rev. Anthony Kwame Adanuty is the first Bishop Emeritus of Keta-Akatsi Diocese. he now resides in Abor. Born: 11th May, 1940 at Kpandu, V/R. Ordained Priest: 31st July, 1966. Elected Bishop: 19th December, 1994. Consecrated Bishop: 28th May, 1995. Enthroned Bishop: 10th June, 1995. Address: P. O. Box 90, Akatsi.